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Music instruction should be a truly pleasurable experience.  Students should look forward to their lesson each week, eager to see what their efforts, as guided by their teacher, will lead to next.  As a guitar instructor 

I seek to encourage for my students a realistic goal of playing well, both in their own estimation and to the ears of potential listeners.


Playing music is an outlet for personal expression and an opportunity to develop skills that you may not have known you could access.  Acquiring correct technical skills, which vary from style to style, learning  about the ingredients of music (notes, harmony, rhythms, tone color, dynamics), exploring different ways to notate & read music (standard  notation,

chord charts, tablatures), exploring "gear," and finding effective ways to achieve goals as a guitarist/musician is what I aim to help a student with.

Everyone  can learn to play the guitar:  children, teenagers, young adults and not-so-young adults.  All you need is a decent instrument and the time & commitment to practice what you've been given to do.  And patience!    

Having taught Music Theory at college for many years I also offer "Remedial Music Theory" sessions  for those who feel a bit befuddled (often skilled & 

well-intentioned rockers) on scales & modes,  chords & harmony, and music reading & writing.  It's never too late to learn more...

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Guitar performance - events & recitals

Looking for  guitar music for your event?  I am a conservatory-trained guitarist  with a wealth of skills learned beyond academia.  Chances are I can  provide you with the music you want:   five centuries of classical guitar music, or a focus on Renaissance or Baroque music, or an all-Spanish or Latin American set; or in a different vein:  popular songs from "The Great American Songbook," bossa-nova gems, or classic rock 'n' roll.  I play solo or with other musicians (duo or trio), all the way to a full band.  

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If you  would like to schedule a trial lesson or consult on your musical needs  for an occasion give me a call or contact me by email.  My music studio in Woodstock, NY is a wonderful location with many resources (music, recordings, instruments, pictures & books) and is easy to get to.
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Greg Dinger playing samples

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Suite #1 of Lecciones by Julio Sagreras (mp3)


Capricho "Harpeado por la Cruz" by Gaspar Sanz (mp3)


"Lagrima" (Preludio) by Francisco Tarrega (mp3)


Bouree from Lute Suite No. 1 by J. S. Bach (mp3)


"So Many Stars" [3 guitars] by A. & M. Bergman (mp3)


Suite #2 of Lecciones by Julio Sagreras (mp3)